Friday, 13 April 2012

New Stats Added to 'Tournament Statistics (Rounds)' Page

Renamed panel with new stats for the 2012 US PGA Tour (to The Masters)

As above, but showing pop-up text for lowest round four so far this season
The statistics panel 'Tournament Statistics (Rounds)' page has been relocated, renamed and enhanced on Golf Predictor. As seen on the screenshots above for the 2012 US PGA Tour to The Masters, the panel now includes the number of rounds played, the lowest and the highest scores for rounds one to four played on a given tour in a given season. Because of these new stats, the panel has been renamed from "Season Averages" to "Season Round Statistics". It has also been relocated from below the round averages by tournament table/charts to above it. Hovering over a lowest or highest round value will display a handy pop-up table showing the golfer(s) and details of the tournament that he(they) achieved the score in. This is shown in the second screenshot above for low round four score for this season so far on the US PGA Tour. Some notes on these new changes:

  1. The number of first rounds differs from the number of second rounds due to player withdrawals. 
  2. Similarly, the number of fourth rounds differs from number of third rounds for the same reason and also due to weather shortened events.
  3. The pop-up table shown in the second screenshot above does not have borders on Internet Explorer  (IE). This is due to what appears to be a rendering bug which made the table borders (but not the data!) visible on initial loading of the page. After wasting a considerable period of time on this, the easiest solution was to hide the lines on IE!

The final change to this panel is that it is now only available to subscribers. So, sign up today to get the most out of Golf Predictor, the premier US and European PGA Tour statistics site.

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