Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bernd Wiesberger's Prediction Record Updated on Golf Predictor

On processing Bernd Wiesberger's impressive maiden victory in the Ballantine's Championship, I noticed he had an infeasibly low ranking (146) on Golf Predictor. On investigation, it turned out he was in most (but not all!) of the world ranking lists as "Bernard Wiesberger" and thus was not being matched in the system. This meant he was given the default world ranking of 1050 in such cases and thus was not being ranked correctly in some tournaments.

This happens occasionally on Golf Predictor where name variations (especially from the same source) are the bane of my life! Usually, they are caught much sooner in a golfer's career and this is the first time it has happened with a tournament winner. I have updated the 2012 Ballantine's Championship prediction for Berd Wiesberger and his correct ranking was 83. I will endeavour to update Wiesberger's other affected prediction records in the near future and I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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