Tuesday 20 March 2012

More Stats & 36 Charts Added to 'Compare Golfer Form' Page

R1 form comparison for 3 big guns in their Last 10 events prior to the 2012 WGC - Cadillac Champ. Click chart to enlarge.

R1 Line chart for the same 3 big guns. Click chart to enlarge.

R1 Stacked chart for the same 3 big guns. Click chart to enlarge.

I am delighted to announce the addition of a myriad of new statistics and charts to the 'Compare Golfer Form' page on Golf Predictor. Hitherto now, the recently added 'Compare Golfer Form' featured only one metric (finishing position) that could be analysed over the previous ten results for the selected golfer(s) for all tournaments, historical (course/tournament) and similar tournaments (Reg./Major/WGC/FedEx). However, as the first screenshot above shows, you can now select one of seven different metrics to analyse for your chosen golfer(s). These seven metrics are:

  1. Finishing Position (previously available metric)
  2. Round 1 Score
  3. Round 2 Score
  4. Round 3 Score
  5. Final Round Score (round 5 score for five round events, else round 4 score*)
  6. Made Cut
  7. Score
Each of these metrics can be viewed for 3 tournament types listed above (all/historical/similar) using the renamed 'Scope' drop-down box shown in the first screenshot above. That gives a grand total of 21 different combinations.  Some notes on the amended 'Compare Golfer Form' page:

  1. The Scope drop-down box does not now auto-reload the page. Neither does the new Metric drop-down box. This allows you to select your desired combination of both boxes before seeing the results. However, you must now explicitly press the 'Compare Golfers' button to show those results.
  2. The pop up text for T1-T10 and the golfer first names has been updated to show more information for all metrics.The T1 pop-up text for Phil Mickelson is shown in the first screenshot above.
  3. The average and standard deviation values are not available for the made cut or score metrics.

Six of the seven metrics have associated line charts (for all 3 scope options), available from the line chart link above the golfer information. The exception is the 'Made Cut' metric, which isn't suitable for such a chart. The second screenshot above shows the 'Round 1' chart for the selection in the first screenshot. For legibility purposes, you may view a line chart for up to a maximum of five selected golfers. All seven of the metrics also now feature stacked charts (for all 3 scope options), which are a welcome new addition to Golf Predictor. These stacked charts allow the metric data to be categorised and displayed for each golfer in a concise and informative manner. They are available via the stacked chart link above the golfer information. The third screenshot above shows the 'Round 1' stacked chart for the selection in the first screenshot. You may view a stacked chart for up to the maximum of ten selected golfers as there are no legibility concerns in this case.

Overall, that makes a total of 21 new stacked charts and 15 new line charts (there were 3 charts already available) on the 'Compare Golfer Form' page. This total of 36 new charts is (as far as I recall!) the most ever added to Golf Predictor in one go and helps make this page extremely useful for comparing golfers.Some notes on the new charts:

  1. When clicked, the line chart and stacked chart icons will show the appropriate charts, depending on your choice of metric and score.
  2. 101 is used as the default in round charts for non-applicable rounds e.g. for match play events, not enough matching events, non-finishes or  a missed cut. This was done to format the charts as well as possible and can be seen above in the two peaks in the second screenshot.
  3. Similarly, -40 is the default for non-applicable scores in the Finishing Score charts.
  4. Because of the above, line charts with a lot of non-applicable rounds for more than one golfer will not chart very well. However, stacked charts are not affected as they use a separate category for non-applicable values.
  5. Par scores on Finishing Score charts are charted as '0' and over par scores are shown without the "+" sign in front of them. The latter is due to a limitation with the charting technology used in Golf Predictor.
  6. As usual, hovering over a point/bar segment will show more information. This is shown for Tiger Woods in the last two screenshots above.

A lot of work has gone in to this page to provide all these useful golfer comparison charts and charts, which make Golf Predictor even better! These 36 new charts bring the total number of charts on the site to 298. However, like other premium features, these charts are only available to subscribers. So, sign up today to get the most out of Golf Predictor, the premier US and European PGA Tour statistics site.

* Weather shortened events are not included as golfers are often not aware that they are playing the final round in such cases.

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Golf Predictor Guru! said...

Forgot to mention that wins are not counted in the top ten category in the stacked chart for the finishing position metric. This is unlike other areas of the site (e.g. prediction data or golfer pages) where wins are also included in the top ten count.

This was done in this case for optimum charting and the label used for the top ten category on the chart reflects this.