Tuesday, 7 February 2012

New A to Z Selector on Courses Page

 Course Name A to Z Selection (Showing "K")

Similar to the update to the Golfers page last year, the main Courses page ("View Options\Courses" menu option in the member section) on Golf Predictor has been updated to now allow users to display courses beginning with a particular letter. This was done for ease of navigation, given that the number of courses has increased to well over 200. As shown in the screenshot above (for "K"), you now get an A to Z selection list and the count of all matching courses for that letter. You may select "All" to revert to all courses and the selected option is shown in black in the A to Z list.

This new functionality allows you to see some interesting (useless!) information, such as the most common letter ("C" with 19*) and the least common  (J, U, X & Z with 0 each). Just another way to make Golf Predictor, the premium professional golf statistics site, even better!

*Excluding "T" as a lot of courses start with "The" or "TPC"!

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