Wednesday, 2 November 2011

IE 9 Compatibility Issue Fixed

I just noticed that there were some minor display issues with the landing pages (Home, About GP etc.) on Golf Predictor with IE 9. This was only noticed today as, up until now, I haven't been checking those pages often and I use IE even less often! Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom (according to a Google search), appear to have messed with the display of certain fonts in the latest incarnation of their browser. This includes the font used on Golf Predictor and it had the effect of reducing the size of the text. This in turn altered the layout of the pages, causing some pop-ups to appear less than perfectly (e.g. outside the bounds of the content area). This issue also meant the drop down menu was too narrow on the top of each landing page.

Happily, this issue has been corrected without the need for separate pages for a particular browser or having to juggle text to get it to work on multiple browsers. Apologies to any IE affectionados out there - I will certainly be more vigilant for future releases, although the fix should prevent any such issues from occurring.

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