Thursday, 21 July 2011

2011 - Week 31 Predictions Updated (Canadian Open)

The predictions for the RBC Canadian Open (US PGA Tour) have been re-run on Golf Predictor. This was due to the incorrect course being used first time around. Since the tournament information was entered in to the system shortly before the start of the season, the course for this event changed to the Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club in Vancouver. Apologies for not noticing this on Monday before the initial running of the prediction engine. 

There has not been many dramatic changes to the rankings after the course update. This is because the original course used in the predictions was only used once in the past five years while this Vancouver track has not been used at all in that period. However, it was used in 2005, which is just outside the five year limit. This has been taken into account for golfers who performed well in that year's event. Note that you may need to refresh your browser pages to see the amended rankings/course statistics.

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