Saturday, 14 May 2011

Prediction Data Page Enhanced - More Best/Worst Finish Statistics

New Historical Best/Worst Finishes (Phil Mickelson- The Masters)
The 'Prediction Data' page for each golfer participating in a tournament has been enhanced with more best/worst finish information. This page is available from any of the prediction options on the "Stats Analysis" menu in the member section of Golf Predictor. As shown on the image* above for Phil Mickelson for The Masters last month, there are new "Best Finish" and "Worst Finish" statistics for each historical statistic (course history/tournament history/similar tournament history and similar weather history**). Previously, these statistics were only available for the season.

Note that withdrawals are excluded from these statistics. Note also that you may have to refresh the page to see the changes. These new fields enhance the historical statistics available for each competing golfer. Just another way to make Golf Predictor even better!

*This image only shows a subset of all the statistics available on the page. The rest have been omitted for the sake of clarity (and quicker image download).

** Similar Weather history panel not shown in screenshot.

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