Wednesday 11 May 2011

Most/Least Consistent Golfers on the 2009 European/US PGA Tours

Using the standard deviation (SD) information in Golf Predictor, it is possible to see who were the most/least consistent performers in the 2009 season on the European/US PGA Tours. Of those who played a full season of events*, Tiger Woods leads the way, albeit not being as consistent as he was in the 2008 season. However, he played many more events in 2009 (19) than he did in injury hit 2008 (7) and couldn't be expected to be as extraordinarily consistent as he was then. The top five consistent golfers in 2009 were:

#NameSt DevAve. Pos.Played
1Tiger Woods16.548.1119
2Kenny Perry20.8827.5424
3Soren Hansen21.1128.1927
4Luke Donald21.8028.0026
5Brian Bateman22.7795.3525

Note that Brian Bateman's season was consistently bad! At the other end of the scale, the top five most inconsistent golfers in 2009 were:

#NameSt DevAve. Pos.Played
1Ake Nilsson54.3082.1020
2Marc Cayeux52.9076.5721
3J.P. Hayes48.0583.0015
4Michael Hoey47.8274.1725
5Marcus Higley47.7876.7117

I hadn't heard of most of them either! Interestingly, all five have roughly the same performance data, with similar average finishing positions and similarly wildly fluctuating results about that average.

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*Only golfers who played at least 15 events are included in this analysis.

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