Tuesday, 3 May 2011

More Enhancements to 'Golfer Details' Page on Golf Predictor

Career Statistics (since 2003) for Lee Westwood

The 'Golfer Details' page in the member section of Golf Predictor (accessible from many pages in the 'View Options' and 'Stats Analysis' menus) has been further enhanced (see information on recent changes here). In addition to a collapsible panel with overall statistics for the golfer in all events since 2003, you can now see similar panels for majors and WGC events.

This is shown above for current world number one, Lee Westwood. To fan the flames of the current ranking system debate, it shows Westwood has not won a WGC event, never mind a major, and has only eight wins on the two major tours since 2003*. Tiger would have called eight wins an average season in his pomp! To be fair to Westwood, the statistics also show the large number of top tens he has achieved (69) since 2003, albeit mostly in regular tour events. Some would say it's all about the wins though. Interestingly enough, his average finish in majors is slightly worse than his overall average, while his average WGC performance is considerably better. Say what you want about Tiger Woods, but the same page for him on Golf Predictor shows a page worthy of a world number one, even if the past eighteen months or so have been relatively barren for the fallen idol.

Note that you may to reload/refresh the page in your browser to see these new statistics. Everyone can view these new statistics panels, so sign up today and see this information and much more on Golf Predictor, the premium professional golf statistics site.

*He has won other events, like the recent Indonesian Masters on the Asian Tour, for example.

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