Wednesday, 23 March 2011

New Golfer Career Comparison Stats & Charts

Golfers with best winning percentages since 2003 (10 events or more)
Golfers Table with new Charts and Columns (Sorted by Wins)
New features to compare the career performance of all golfers active since 2003 (when our records begin) have been added to Golf Predictor. The main golfers page ("View Options - Golfers" page in the member section) has been updated to now display not only the tournaments played, but also the number AND percentages of wins, top tens and missed cuts for each golfer. All these columns are fully sortable, allowing for easy performance comparison. The percentage columns are in dark red for legibility. Eight new related bar charts have also been added to this page:
  1. Golfers with the most wins since 2003.
  2. Golfers (who have played at least ten events) with the best winning percentage since 2003.
  3. Golfers with the most top tens since 2003.
  4. Golfers (who have played at least ten events) with the best percentage of top ten finishes since 2003. 
  5. Golfers with the least cuts made since 2003.
  6. Golfers (who have played at least ten events) with the best cuts made percentage since 2003.
  7. Golfers with the most missed since 2003.
  8. Golfers (who have played at least ten events) with the worst cuts made percentage since 2003.
This new functionality brings the number of charts on the site crashing through the 250 barrier to 253! The ten tournament criterion was applied to make some charts more meaningful (e.g. there are almost 2000 golfers who only played a small number of events and missed the cut in all of them!). As usual, hovering over a bar on each chart will show additional information. This is shown in the first screenshot above for Tiger Woods in the best winning percentage chart. The second screen shot above shows the new golfers page, sorted by wins descending. These new charts and statistics display some interesting information, including:

  1. No surprise who come out best in all the comparisons. Despite his ropey recent form, Tiger is streets ahead of everyone else in almost every respect.
  2. The only statistic* Tiger isn't the best on is the total number of top tens, with Ernie Els having 9 more. However, Els has played in far more events and thus his top ten percentage is much lower. 
  3. Vijay Singh also has the same number of top tens as Tiger, but he also has played far more events in that time.
  4. The top three is the same in almost every category: Woods, Mickelson & Els.
  5. There are five golfers who have played ten or eleven events and missed the cut in all of them. That's got to hurt!
  6. Mark Brooks has the distinction of having missed the most cuts since 2003 (116, out of 197 events). Not a great statistic to have against your name either!
  7. Surprisingly enough, a major champion (Todd Hamilton) is third on the most cuts missed list with 112 (more than half of 212 events entered). Reminds me of that article that I read lately on the worst players ever to win a major for some reason!

Everyone can view these new charts and statistics, so sign up today and see this information and much, much more on Golf Predictor, the premium professional golf statistics site.

*Technically, he isn't the best on the least number of cuts missed either, but the four currently better than him have only played a small number of events.

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