Thursday, 9 December 2010

Slight Issue And Workaround

There is currently an issue on Golf Predictor for all users with "US" selected in their profile as the default tour ('Default Tour 2' field only). This issue will result in an error if users try and access most of the prediction pages on the "Stats Analysis" menu in the member section.

This is happening because there are no 2011 US Tour predictions in the system as yet, but there is a Euro Tour prediction since last Monday. This is causing an error when displaying the page with US tour as the default tour. Unfortunately, due to travel and work commitments, I may not be fix the issue until next week.

The workaround in the meantime is to change your 'Default Tour 2' profile field to "Both" for the time being, which allows you to see the pages. You will also get to see the European PGA Tour events too for the moment, but you can manually set the tour filter until I am able to fix the issue. I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Golf Predictor Guru! said...

This issue has now been resolved. You can now set your tour default back to "US".