Thursday, 22 April 2010

The US PGA Tour

The US PGA Tour is the pre-eminent professional golf tour in the world. Generally featuring the tournaments with the biggest purses in professional golf, the US PGA Tour usually attracts better quality fields than any other tour. The US PGA Tour has been around in its present form since 1968, but the original organisation that it split from goes back to 1916.

The US PGA Tour is one of the two major tours covered by Golf Predictor (the other is the European PGA Tour). Our comprehensive predictions for upcoming US PGA Tour events provide invaluable statistics to enable people to make informed choices for fantasy golf or find good golf betting picks. In addition to golf statistics on future events, there is also a wealth of US PGA Tour statistics for completed tournaments, players and golf courses on Golf Predictor.

You can get an idea of the comprehensive information available for the US PGA Tour on the About Golf Predictor page or by registering for Golf Predictor for free and looking around. You may view the US PGA Tour statistics for future tournaments by clicking on a golfer name on one of the many predictions pages in the "Stats Analysis" menu. You can view the golf statistics for completed tournaments, golfers and golf courses on almost any page in the "View Options" menu. The US PGA Tour statistics displayed on Golf Predictor are under constant review and new features are added as they are suggested by users or thought of by me!

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