Thursday, 22 April 2010

Golf Betting Picks

Finding good golf betting picks for an upcoming PGA tournament is vital for anybody who bets on professional golf. Golf Predictor has many features ideal for finding such golf betting picks. Our comprehensive predictions for upcoming European PGA Tour and US PGA Tour events provide golf gamblers with invaluable statistics to enable them to find good golf betting picks. Available statistics to aid the search for golf betting picks include the recent, season and historical (course, tournament, similar weather, similar tournament, similar region and similar length course) performance for each golfer in the tournament. There is also a myriad of other features available, such as identifying form golfers, displaying cut and winless streaks and directly comparing the statistics of up to ten golfers. You can also compare your bookies odds with our rankings to identify undervalued or overvalued golfers easily. For selected tournaments, this is done automatically using various European bookies and good/bad bets are colour coded for easy identification.

You can also see the record for each golfer in every tournament in a GP season over the previous ten years at a glance. You can also see how a golfer usually performs when being in certain positions after each round of a tournament and rank the field by twenty nine different performance metrics. You can also apply weightings to various metrics and rank the entire field accordingly and filter the field by over fifty different statistics. Finally, you can also see at a glance which golfers play better compared to their peers at certain times of the year (early/mid/late season). This player history and time performance analysis are very useful for picking golfers for particular events.

If you are interested in finding golf betting picks, you can get an idea of the comprehensive information available on the About Golf Predictor page or by registering for Golf Predictor for free and looking around. You may view the golf statistics for future tournaments by clicking on a golfer name on one of the many predictions pages in the "Predictions" menu. The golf statistics displayed on Golf Predictor are under constant review and new features suitable for finding golf betting picks are added as they are suggested by users or thought of by me!

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