Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Slight enhancement to 'Prediction Data' Page

We've added some extra sorting capabilities to the results grids on the Prediction Data pages for each golfer ('Stats Analysis' menu) on Golf Predictor. You can now sort the season/historical/similar results tables by tournament name and by cut (made/missed/not applicable). We have also renamed the 'Year' columns to the more accurate 'Seas.' (short for 'Season') as some European PGA Tour events are held in the preceding calendar year. The 'M Cut' columns have also been changed to 'Md Cut' as it could be ambiguous whether the existing name referred to missed cut (incorrect) or made cut (correct). Just another way to make Golf Predictor slightly better!


tweinstock said...

Would it be possible to further enhance Golf Predictor by including total expected $ earnings per tournament? I play in a fantasy golf league that goes by total dollar earnings, so this would be very helpful in determining my weekly line-up.

Golf Predictor Guru! said...

Thanks for your question.

It is not something that has been asked for before, but if enough members thought it would be useful, I would certainly look into it.

However, since finishing position determines the amount of prize money, I'm not sure what extra use it would be!