Saturday, 28 November 2009

2010 Tournaments in System

We are happy to announce that all the finalised 2010 European and US PGA Tour events have been entered into Golf Predictor. In addition to browsing the new tournaments using the three options in the 'Tournaments' page, you can now view the new tournament locations using Google Maps on the 'Tournament Locations' page. You can also see the new course information and charts on the 'Courses' pages. All these pages are available from the 'View Options' menu in the Golf Predictor Member section.

The Fall Series on the US PGA Tour has yet to be finalised, while information on the European counterpart is somewhat sparse at the moment. The European PGA Tour has been badly affected by the economic climate, so there are many gaps in the schedule. When more information becomes available, we will of course update our system.

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Golf Predictor Guru! said...

The newly announced European PGA Tour events have now also been added to Golf Predictor.