Sunday, 6 September 2009

Tournament Listings Colour Coding Added to Golf Predictor

In addition to the results colour coding, we are pleased to announce similar functionality for the tournaments listings pages on Golf Predictor. These pages (tournaments with tournament type and tournaments with course) are available from the 'View Options' menu ('Tournaments' link) in the member section of the site. As shown in the screenshot above, future tournaments are now shown on a light green background, current ones on a light orange background and past events on a light grey background. This will make it easier to locate the current week's events at a glance and to spot suture/past/current events when sorting the columns.

Note that this colour coding is only used for the current season. Tournament listings for previous seasons on either of these pages will be unchanged. The event is deemed to be current if the current date* is one of the four (or five) scheduled days of the tournament. Late finishes due to weather delays etc. will not be reflected in the colour scheme. Finally, you may have to refresh/reload the tournament pages to see the changes.

Just another way to make Golf Predictor a little better!

*All Golf Predictor times are in US Mountain Standard Time (GMT - 7 hours).

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