Saturday 4 July 2009

Season Stats Updated with Non-finishing Players Round Data

Famous last words at the end of the post about the prediction updates! A (hopefully!) final ramification of the recent changes in policy for handling scores for non-finishers was that some completed season statistics were also rendered incorrect. Originally Golf Predictor did not include the round scores for players who had withdrew or been disqualified from a tournament. However, since we included such scores, scoring averages, round counts and round averages became slightly incorrect for golfers who had not finished tournaments (but had recorded round scores) in the same season.

Therefore, we have updated all season statistics records for the completed seasons 2003-2008 (Golf Predictor has records for the 2003 season on) to correct these slight issues. These should definitely be the final tweaks because of the policy change and ensures that Golf Predictor is even more accurate than ever before!

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