Friday, 3 July 2009

Cut Streak Stats Amended

We have updated the cut streak information on Golf Predictor. One of the reasons was due to a slight inaccuracy in the processing of one stroke play event with no cut (the 2009 WGC CA Championship). A small number of players whose cut streak encompassed this event (e.g. Tiger Woods) were not getting the credit for this tournament*. This has now been addressed.

As a consequence of fixing this small discrepancy, we have been able to make the cut streak chart and information available for every tournament that we have predicted (since March 2008). Previously, this was only available on the "Tourn Predictions" page ('Stats Analysis' menu) for all tournaments from the 2009 Masters on.

Finally, we have added the name, year, week and date of the last tournament where the golfer missed a cut on his 'Prediction Data' page. Note that you may have to refresh/reload some pages to see the new/updated information. All of these changes ensure that Golf Predictor is even better than ever before!

*Nowadays, players are deemed to have made the cut if they get paid. Therefore, stroke play tournaments that have no cut are counted in cut streaks. We do not count match play events.

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