Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Russian Open Cancelled

The Russian Open has become the fourth event to be dropped from the European PGA Tour schedule this year. Following the earlier loss of the British Masters, the Indian Masters and the English Open, the sprawling tour is in danger of being reduced to a single continent/year*!!! In this case, the main sponsor, a Russian real estate company, had to pull out due to the difficult economic climate. The organisers hope to have the event back on the calendar next year.

We here at Golf Predictor wish them the best of luck in their endeavours.
This must have been known to the European PGA Tour for quite some time as the Russian Open never featured on the 2009 schedule, to the best of my knowledge. Interestingly, the European PGA Tour don't seem to announce event cancellations on their web site. I wonder why?!

*I know - it's moving to a single calendar year next year anyway.

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