Wednesday, 10 June 2009

New 'GP Ranking' Chart Added to Golf Predictor

We have added a new 'GP Ranking' chart to Golf Predictor. This enables you to see the Golf Predictor rankings (predicted finishing positions) for any golfer in any season since predictions began (2008). This new chart is available on the "Prediction Data" page for each golfer in each tournament ("Stats Analysis" menu, Member section - most links). The default chart shows all the GP Rankings for the season up to the current tournament and there are links to any previous seasons, which show all rankings for that season.

A golfer's GP ranking* varies over a season depending on his own stats and the relative strength of the field. The screenshot above shows the GP Ranking chart for Justin Leonard ahead of the 2009 St. Jude Classic. The peaks represent events with strong fields and/or events in which he has a relatively poor record & vice versa for the troughs. Like all other charts, hovering over a point shows more information, as shown above for the week of the Northern Trust Open.

This brings the total number of charts on Golf Predictor to 220. This new chart is available to all members, although non-subscribers will only be able to see it for golfers ranked 11-25 in any tournament.

*Note that the GP ranking algorithm evolves with time. It is often tweaked to improve performance or fix slight flaws.

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