Saturday 13 June 2009

Field Strength Enhancement to Tournament Page

In addition to the Field Strength Chart page, we have also added the same field strength statistics to the Tournament page on Golf Predictor (available from the 'View Options\Tournaments' menu option, among other places). A new table on this page displays the average world ranking for the field, the standard deviation of the field world rankings, the rank of the highest ranked golfer in the field and the rank of the lowest ranked golfer in the field. Since Golf Predictor only tracks the world top 1000 golfers, any golfer outside this list is assigned a default world ranking of 1050. We have also included a link to the field strength chart for all relevant tournaments.

The screenshot above shows the tournament page for the 2009 Memorial Tournament with the new table at the bottom. Note that field strength statistics are only available for tournaments we have predicted. This is because we only store world ranking information for predicted events (all tournaments since approximately April 2008). We hope this also makes Golf Predictor a little better!

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Golf Predictor Guru! said...

We've swapped 'highest WR' and 'lowest WR' on the site. We agonised originally (well, for a while anyway!) over whether number one was the lowest ranked or the highest ranked player.

We opted for the numerically correct former, but really it should be the latter as it's the best ranking one can attain. It's also how it's referred to in the media and so on.

Therefore, we've swapped them on the tournament page and the Field Strength Chart pages.