Sunday, 31 May 2009

Year One Chart Evolution of Golf Predictor

Since the one year anniversary of Golf Predictor was last week, we thought it might be interesting to plot the development of the site in that time. One crude way to do this is to plot the number of charts that have been available on the site. While this basic metric excludes the many other updates (new pages, statistics and other features), it gives a good idea of how Golf Predictor has been constantly improving since its launch.

That launch happened on the 25th May 2008, when we were proud of the whopping 13 or so available charts! Since then, we've come a long way and at the moment we feature 216 charts on the site. Thanks to this blog, we were able to plot the number of charts on Golf Predictor since the very beginning. This chart evolution is shown in the graphic above.

We don't expect this rate of chart addition to be sustained for the simple reason that we will run out of things to chart!! We will, of course, always strive to improve Golf Predictor, the premier professional golf statistics analyser on the web today.

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