Friday, 1 May 2009

New Round Statistics & Leaderboard Enhancements to Tournament Page

We are delighted to announce the enhancement of the 'Tournament' page in the member section of Golf Predictor (available from the 'View Options\Tournaments' menu option, among other places). As shown in the screenshot above ( a portion of the 2009 Masters page), the following changes have been made:
  1. In addition to the average round (and overall) scores, we now display the best and worst rounds also.
  2. We have added leaderboards for each previous round in the new 'Round Leaders' section. This nifty feature allows you to see the top ten (and ties) after each round by simply hovering over the appropriate leaderboard text. A table will pop up with the relevant information, including the golfer's eventual finishing score and position.
As shown above, interestingly seven of the eventual top ten plus ties in the 2009 Masters were also in the top ten after round one. There is no pop-up leaderboard for the final round of a tournament, as the results table underneath already serves this purpose. We hope you find these new enhancements useful. Golf Predictor keeps getting better and better!

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