Monday 11 May 2009

Results Colour Coding Added to Golf Predictor

We are pleased to announce colour coding for Golf Predictor. This colour coding is available on any page that displays results (e.g. the tournament page for each completed event) and is based on the standard leaderboard convention. Under par scores are displayed in red, over par scores in blue and par scores in yellow. Individual round scores and the scoring average are also colour coded, with lighter shades of the same colours. This is shown in the screenshot above, which shows a portion of the tournament page for the 2009 Madeira Islands Open BPI.

We have also added the course par to the tournament page. It is now visible in the top left corner of the 'Round Scores' table, as shown above. In addition, we have added the colour coded round scores to the 'Results by Player' page and fixed an issue with tournaments played on a course whose par was different to its current par.

As well as adding more colour to the site, this new visual enhancement helps in the ascertaining of performance at a glance. Just another way to make Golf Predictor even better!

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