Friday, 29 May 2009

Change in Policy for Handling Rounds for Non-finishing Players

Until this year's 3 Irish Open, it was Golf Predictor policy not to record (or include in statistics) the round scores for players who had withdrew or been disqualified from a tournament. This policy was originally adopted mainly because of the difficulty of ascertaining the correct scores in certain such cases.

However, since Graeme McDowell shot the lowest round of the day/week in the Irish Open and subsequently withdrew, it meant the tournament statistics were incorrect. Therefore, we decided to change our policy to record these scores and also include them in the statistics. This has meant updating all (yes, all!) tournament results since 2003 with all such rounds and then updating the tournament statistics accordingly. This time consuming task has made our statistics slightly more accurate. Our new policy is to also include completed rounds after which a player has been disqualified.

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