Friday 24 April 2009

New 'Field Nationalities' Chart added to Golf Predictor

We are glad to announce the addition of a 'Field Nationalities' chart to Golf Predictor. This enables you to see the breakdown of the nationality of the entrants for any tournament that we have predicted. This new chart is available on the "Tourn Predictions" page ("Stats Analysis" menu, Member section).

The screenshot above shows the nationality breakdown chart for the 2009 US Masters. Unsurprisingly, the US makes up most of the entrants for this and all US PGA Tour events. The European PGA Tour usually has much more diversity in its tournaments! Like every other chart, hovering over a bar shows more information, as shown above for the US. Note that this chart includes any alternates for the tournament and may have late withdrawals included.

This brings the total number of charts on Golf Predictor to 168. This new chart is available to all members, regardless of subscription status. Just another way to make Golf Predictor even better!

Note: Similar chart available for all completed tournaments since 2003 on the European and US PGA Tours.

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