Friday 10 April 2009

More Statistics added to 'Golfer' Page on Golf Predictor

Further to the recent enhancements to the same page, we are happy to announce the addition of more statistics to the 'Golfer' page in the member section of Golf Predictor (accessible mainly from the 'View Options/Golfers' menu option). As shown in the screenshot for Paul Casey above, you can now view career statistics (since 2003) for each golfer*.

Similar to some of the statistics available for golfers participating in tournaments (Prediction Data pages), you can now see the number of tournaments played, cuts missed, wins, top ten finishes, best finish, worst finish, average finish and standard deviation for each golfer in the database.

Looking at Tiger Woods' page, it really shows how brilliant he is. To have an average finishing position of 10 across more than 6 years and 106 tournaments is almost unbelievable. Finishing in the top ten of 73% of your tournaments in that time span isn't too shabby either! You can now check the performance of your favourite player on the site. Just another way to make Golf Predictor even better!

*You may to reload/refresh the page in your browser to see these new statistics.

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