Friday 3 April 2009

Flags added to Golf Predictor

We have cosmetically enhanced most pages in the member section of Golf Predictor with the addition of flag graphics. These small graphics represent the nationality of each golfer and adds some colour to Golf Predictor! The screenshot above shows how the main prediction page now looks. Hovering over an unfamiliar flag will reveal the 3 letter country code. Golf Predictor uses the IOC country codes which are listed here, should you still be flummoxed!

All 200+ images have been optimised by us for web display, resulting in a massive reduction in file size (of the order of 80-85%). Most of the images are less than half a kilobyte, so unless you're on a really old dial up connection, performance shouldn't suffer when these images are downloaded into your browser cache. Note that some column headers have had to be renamed in order to fit the flag column in the table. The key tables have been updated accordingly on the affected pages.

We have tested the new flag images on FireFox 3.08, IE 8, Opera 9.64, Chrome and Safari 3.1.2 (Windows). As usual, we have had to compromise slightly in some instances for maximum cross browser compatibility. While not affecting functionality, we think these flags add to the visual appeal of the site. We hope that you agree!

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