Thursday, 19 March 2009

Tiger to Appear Down Under for Juicy Appearance Fee

The tax payers of Victoria, Australia must be delighted that Tiger Woods has deigned to grace them with his presence this November. Woods has apparently agreed to compete in the Australian Masters for the princely sum of US$3 million in appearance fees. That works out at over US$10,000 per shot and doesn't include the big prize money that he's likely to win. We here at Golf Predictor wish we spent more time on the practice range!

The announcement has met with mixed feelings in Australia. Some are welcoming the first appearance of the golfing phenomenon down under since the 2008 President's Cup. Others are concerned about the vulgar appearance fee and the removal of the limelight from their national open two weeks later. For a region rebuilding after devastating fires where many lost their lives and/or property, to give one man that amount of tax payer's money for hitting a ball seems a little obscene. On the other hand, his appearance will generate a multiple of his fee in economic benefits.

I guess it makes good business sense, but that doesn't make it right! If I was him, I know to whom I would be donating that appearance fee. It remains to be seen whether Mr. Woods will be as magnanimous.

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