Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Players Apathetic to Impending Crisis?

It appears that the entreaty made by US PGA Tour Commissioner to the players to roll up their sleeves is falling on deaf ears. The pros seem to be burying their heads in the sand if the season thus far is anything to go by. There has been a lot of comment about the Bob Hope event in particular, which has been once again shunned by the top players. Instead of celebrating 50 years of tradition, some decided to trouser fat appearance fees from Middle Eastern sheiks. The rest, they just stayed at home.

Have these guys lost so much perspective and earned so much cash that they are oblivious to or apathetic about the catastrophe around the corner? They are fortunate that most of their sponsors are locked in for several years. If the economy continues to stagnate, you can bet your bottom dollar on a sponsor exodus. Golf Predictor won't be crying any tears for them when the brown stuff finally hits the whirly thing! In his day, Palmer tried to play every tournament every other year and Nicklaus played ones he didn't really want to out of a sense of tradition. Times were different then and they needed the money for one thing. Lee Trevino has suggested making today's pros play every event at least once every three years. That seems pretty unworkable with today's pampered prima donnas who seem to be be content fiddling while Rome is engulfed in flames!

There is trouble on the European PGA Tour too, with a couple of tournaments already cancelled and more in jeopardy. Tragically, the Seve Trophy is said to be amongst them. While not the most prestigious event, it would almost be shameful to can it, given what the man himself has just gone through. To insult the legend, who largely made the tour what it is today, at his lowest ebb surely must be avoided at all costs.

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