Saturday, 21 March 2009

Most/Least Consistent Golfers on the 2008 European/US PGA Tours

Thanks to the new standard deviation (SD) information in Golf Predictor, it is now possible to see who were the most/least consistent performers in any completed season since 2003. Looking at the data for 2008, it is possible to see how great Tiger Woods really was in his truncated season. With finishes of 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2 & 5, Tiger's SD was just 1.5, not far off perfect (zero). Given the average SD for all golfers in 2008 was 37.1, this was extraordinary consistency, even if it was only seven tournaments. Tiger's nearest challengers in the consistency stakes played a similar number of tournaments or less. The most consistent golfers who played a full season of events were Sergio Garcia (SD of 17.9 from 25 events), Robert Allenby (SD of 18.8 from 29 events) and Robert Karlsson (SD of 20.1 from 24 events). It is no surprise to see Karlsson up there after his wonderful season.

At the other end of the scale, despite this British Open heroics, the veteran Greg Norman was actually the most inconsistent performer last year. The Great White Shark had finishes of 3, 133, 14, 110, 149 & 7. These wildly fluctuating results gave Norman a SD of 68.4, albeit from only six events. The least consistent golfers who played a full season of events were Michael Campbell (SD of 52.6 from 23 events), James Kamte (SD of 51.8 from 23 events) and Steve Allen (SD of 50.3 from 21 events). Again, it was no surprise to see the erratic former US Open Champion Campbell falling in the consistency stakes. Hopefully he can get on a more even keel this season.

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