Saturday, 28 March 2009

Average Course Length on the US/European PGA Tours 2003-2009

Now that the average lengths for the courses used on the US and European PGA Tour since 2003 are available on Golf Predictor, it is possible to plot the data and look for trends. The chart above shows the average length of course used on each tour (and on both tours combined) for the 2003-2009 seasons*. A similar page for 2003-15 course lengths is available here.

Looking at the chart, the US PGA Tour courses are consistently about 100 yards longer than those used on the European PGA Tour. The average length appears to stay relatively constant over the period, but that may be due to the fact that we only store the latest available yardage for each course (2009).

*Note that some courses have to be finalised for the 2009 European PGA season. Course lengths have been ascertained from official sources where possible. Finally, the lengthening of existing courses is not reflected in the statistics.

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