Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Number of Golfers Playing on the US & European PGA Tours 2003-2008

Now that all the US and European PGA Tour tournament data since 2003 is in Golf Predictor, the statistics mining can go into overdrive! The chart above shows the number of distinct competitors on each tour (and on both tours combined) for the 2003-2008 seasons*. The discrepancy between the overall numbers and the individual tour numbers arises from the fact that many golfers play events on both tours or events sanctioned by both.

Looking at the chart, there are some interesting trends. The number of golfers on the US PGA Tour remained more or less constant from 2003-2006, but has fallen somewhat in the last 2 years. The European PGA Tour has had far more golfers competing on it than the US PGA Tour (about 60-100% more) since 2003. Similar to the US PGA Tour, the numbers on the European Tour were relatively constant from 2003-2006. However, in this case, the number has been increasing in the past 2 seasons.

In the 6 seasons form 2003-2008, a total of 2538 different golfers competed on the European PGA Tour, 1603 on the US PGA Tour, and 3211 golfers overall. What this means, we're not sure, but it might be useful to know sometime!

*Note that due to different names/spellings for the same golfer, there may be a tiny amount of duplication in the database. We have, of course, taken steps to minimise this and correct it when it is detected.

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