Wednesday, 14 January 2009

'Results By Positon' Pages Added to Golf Predictor

We have added a new option to the "View Options" menu in the Golf Predictor member section. This new 'Results By Position' menu option contains two new related and interlinked pages.

The first page allows you to find out who finished in a particular position at a particular tournament. Clicking on the 'All Tournaments' link brings you to a page which allows you to find out who finished in a particular position at all tournaments in the chosen season. You can go back to the first page using the 'Specific Tournament' link.

These pages allow you to find out who finished in certain positions without the need to sift through entire tournament results. Note that some positions do not exist in some tournaments due to ties e.g. if 2 golfers are tied third, there is no 4th place. Also, some tournament fields are bigger than others, so searching for positions at the tail end may not return any results for certain events.

In both pages, you simply enter a position in the text box and press the 'Find' Button to see the results for the selected tournament/season. You may alter the season/tour/tournament selections to see who finished in the same position with your new choice(s).

Entering '1' in the position box on the 'All Tournament' page returns the same results as the 'Tournament Winners' page. However, this new page is much more flexible, allowing you to see, for example, all the runners up or all those who finished 5th in a season.

Just another way to make Golf Predictor even better for our users! We hope you find this new functionality useful.

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