Wednesday 21 January 2009

Charts and Amendment for 'Results By Positon (All)' Page

We have made a slight change to the 'Results By Position (All)' page recently added to Golf Predictor. Now, you can also select "Both" in the Tour dropdown list to view the golfers from both tours who finished in the entered position.

We have also added 3 new charts to this page. You can now see a chart of the golfers with the most finishes in the selected position. There is a chart for the US PGA Tour, the European PGA Tour and for both tours together. The relevant chart is shown when you make your selection in the Tour dropdown list. The picture above shows the 2nd place chart for both tours in the 2008 season. It shows Sergio Garcia (2 on each tour), Lee Westwood (all in Europe) and Oliver Wilson (all in Europe) as having been bridesmaids most often, with 4 runners up places each!

This brings the number of distinct charts in Golf Predictor up to 87. We're edging towards the magic ton!

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