Tuesday 16 December 2008

Tiger's Caddie Telling It Like It Is!

Tiger Woods' caddie, Steve Williams, didn't exactly enhance the already frosty relationship between his boss and the world number 3, Phil Mickelson, with comments printed in a New Zealand newspaper.

While speaking your mind can sometimes be an admirable quality, there are times when a bit of tact is called for. This was one of those times. Confirming what everyone knows and fanning the flames of animosity by throwing in his own tuppence worth was plain dumb and causes unnecessary complications. At the very least, he should learn what speaking off the record means*!

Woods was quick to distance himself from the remarks, no matter how true they may have been. Mickelson was quick to stick the boot in himself, saying how fortunate he was to have a class act on his bag! It should be very interesting to see what happens when Williams and Mickelson cross paths again. Unfortunately, Golf Predictor doesn't track fights on the first tee!

*Update - apparently he thought he was speaking off the record. He'll make sure in future!

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