Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Golfers With the Most Major Victories

In terms of major tournament victories, the most successful golfers of all time are:
  • Jack Nicklaus, 18 (1962-86)
  • Tiger Woods, 14 (1997– )
  • Walter Hagen, 11 (1914–1929)
  • Gary Player, 9 (1961–1978)
  • Ben Hogan, 9 (1946–1953)
  • Tom Watson, 8 (1975–1983)
  • Arnold Palmer, 7 (1958–1964 )
  • Sam Snead, 7 (1942–1954)
  • Gene Sarazen, 7 (1922–1935)
  • Bobby Jones, 7 (1923–1930)
  • Harry Vardon, 7 (1896–1914)
Who said cream doesn't rise to the top?! Some impressive names there, none more so than the part-time amateur Bobby Jones. He makes the list despite having a short career span and not being eligible for the US PGA Championship, which wasn't a major at the time. His other amateur majors aren't included in this list either.

Tiger has amassed 14 majors in less than half the time Jack took to win 18, so as long as his knee holds out, it seems to be a question of when, not if, he takes the most coveted of records from the Golden Bear. We'll be tracking him on Golf Predictor as he aims for another record!

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