Tuesday 16 December 2008

Golfers who have won Career Grand Slams

Many great golfers have won multiple majors down through the years, but very few have the complete set. The only golfers to win the career grand slam as we now know it are:
  • Tiger Woods
  • Jack Nicklaus
  • Gary Player
  • Ben Hogan
  • Gene Sarazen
Tiger and Jack have three career slams, an unbelievable achievement. Of course, no one has managed to win the four in the same season yet, although Ben Hogan was robbed of a great chance by stupid scheduling in 1953. The British Open and US PGA were too close together and tragically Hogan couldn't get back from Britain in time for a crack at his fourth major of the season. Tiger Woods managed to have the most impressive mantelpiece in golf history when he held all four majors simultaneously in 2002. Unfortunately for him, it spanned two seasons of brilliance, but it was still a remarkable achievement.

The only player ever to win a bona fide grand slam is the most famous and brilliant amateur golfer of all time, the great Bobby Jones. However, when he achieved the impossible under the greatest of pressure in 1930, the grand slam was somewhat different, consisting of the the US and British Amateur and professional Opens. Jones would go on to found Augusta National and The Masters tournament, which was first held in 1934.

What Jones achieved was fantastic and has never been equalled. However, what odds on a rehabilitated Tiger Woods cementing his standing as a golfing immortal by achieving the modern equivalent? We'll be tracking him on Golf Predictor as he tries his hardest!

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