Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Everybody Loves Padraig!

2008 just keeps on getting better and better for Ireland's Padraig Harrington, who has just won 2 more major awards. First of all, it was announced that he had become only the third player to win the Golf Writers' Trophy two years in a row. Then, more pleasing for him perhaps, he became the first European winner of the US PGA Tour Player of the Year. Voted by his peers, he probably pipped Tiger Woods to the award.

It was an interesting match up. Harrington won 2 majors, but in truth did little else all year. Woods, on the other hand, only played 6 events before injury ruled him out for the season. He did win 4 of those tournaments (including the one legged major of course!) and finished no lower than fifth, but it would probably have made a slight mockery of the award had he received it for so few events played. Still, Padraig is a worthy winner as he was magisterial in those two major victories and two majors in one year is a fantastic accomplishment. It must be pleasing to know that everyone - fans, players (bar Sergio Garcia!) and journalists like you! Perhaps he could give Phil Mickelson and Rory Sabbatini a few tips!!

As far as we know here at Golf Predictor, the only accolades that Harrington hasn't won this year are the BBC Overseas Personality of the Year and a Nobel prize. While the Olympics and Mr Bolt robbed him of the former, we think that the latter will remain slightly out of his reach! He is very determined though, so if he takes up a new hobby (perhaps economics, given his financial background!) in 2009, you'd never know!

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