Friday 12 December 2008

Daly in Doo-Doo Down Under

Even more controversy for poor John Daly on his 3 tournament sojourn in Australia. In this case, I feel he was justified to be upset when someone stuck a camera in his face as he prepared to take a shot on his final hole at the first round of the Australian Open. The ensuing flash at close quarters having "burnt" his eyes, Daly took it upon himself to test the camera's durability by hurling it into a tree. Assuming it was Japanese, the camera should still be in perfect working order!

It hasn't been a great return for promoters as Daly, who has received an appearance fee for the three events in Oz, has missed the cut twice so far and struggled to a 78 yesterday. We can look forward to seeing more fireworks from Big John next year on the European Tour, where he plans to play regularly. Golf Predictor doesn't recommend that you bring your camera to record it for posterity though!

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