Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Season Transition

Golf Predictor is starting to predict the 2009 season this week. As this is the first tournament of the new season, the players form towards the end of last season will be an important factor in the calculations. We feel that this is the best approach given that there are only 4 days between the end of the 2008 season and the beginning of the 2009 one.

In the next few weeks, as the European 2009 season progresses, will will add more weight to 2009 results and less to 2008 ones. When the new US tour season starts in January, we will take a similar approach.

As this is our first season transition here at Golf Predictor, there were a few niggly problems with the system. These were primarily caused by the 2009 European season being so out of whack with the more logical 2009 US season and the fact that there is no season history for the very first event. We hope that we have now sorted all these issues out now and we thank you for your patience during this time. Please let us know if you spot a problem.

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