Saturday, 1 November 2008

Rules - You Gotta Love 'em!

Golf is famous for its extensive rules book(s) and possibly for the fact that most golfers don't know them all that well! Golf bureaucracy also extends into making regulations for professional tours and players. Any system of rules inevitably throws up a few howlers (e.g. search the net for stupid laws worldwide!) and golf is no different.

Last year Steve Stricker became the first player in US PGA Tour (or any other sport) history to be voted comeback player of the year in consecutive seasons. That took some doing, but we here at Golf Predictor reckon he should have given the first award back as he obviously hadn't come back far enough! What odds on Tiger Woods winning it next season?!

Even more bizarrely, at the AT&T Championship last week John Cook became the first Champions Tour rookie ever to successfully defend a title. Think about that one for a second! Apparently, you have to play 6 tournaments in a season for it to be considered a rookie season and Cook only played 2 last year, including his first AT&T Championship victory.

It's a funny old game!

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