Saturday, 11 October 2008

Father and Son

It was with some surprise that we found out that there was a father and son team playing in the Madrid Masters this week. This was particularly surprising as the father is still only 39! This must be the first time that a regular professional golf tournament has had a father and son under 40 competing, although that is just speculation on my part.

Angel Cabrera, the long hitting former Argentinian is joined in the field this week by his 19 year old son Federico. Genes obviously have something to do with golfing ability. This would explain why the Golf Predictor guru is useless at golf, but not why Jack Nicklaus' sons weren't more successful!

Unfortunately, Junior missed the cut after a disastrous first round of 81. He came back strongly with a 68 in the second round, but unfortunately it wasn't enough. Daddy is still in there, fighting for the family honour, although he is not really threatening the lead!

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