Saturday 6 September 2008

Google Chrome and Apple Safari Browser Compatibility

We here at Golf Predictor downloaded the beta release of the new Google Chrome browser to see how our site looked in it. To our surprise, our menus didn't display correctly, thereby rendering Golf Predictor practically unusable to such browser users. As Chrome is based on the same open source project as the Apple Safari browser, we then downloaded that only to find the same problem. As Google are shamelessly plugging this new high speed, bloat free browser on many of its web sites, we figured we better fix this problem pronto!

Oh, the joy of multiple browser compatibility! The reason why the menus didn't render correctly is a known issue and not a programming error as such (perish the thought!). In any event, the workaround was surprisingly complex, but we persevered. Now, the menus in Safari and Chrome work in a similar manner to those in the other supported browsers. We apologise to any users of Safari who had problems accessing our site in the past.

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