Saturday, 23 August 2008

Tin Cup

I watched the film "Tin Cup" on TV again the other night. I didn't realise that there were so many pros in it (including several major winners), although most were just set decoration. Craig Stadler and Peter Jacobson got a few lines but I think they were wise to stick to the golf! A youthful and slimline Phil Mickelson also featured as did a number of well known US golf commentators, most noticeably Gary McCord.

The lake in front of the 18th green that the hot headed eponymous anti-hero kept hitting into had to built on the course for the movie. Wisely, they didn't show too many of Costner's swings as it's pretty difficult for a 12 odd handicapper to swing like a pro. Don Johnson, his nemesis in the film, plays off single figures so it was obviously easier for him to fake it. Apparently, Costner got intensive coaching from McCord and Peter Kostis and admirably took all the shots himself. Even so, I can't see him featuring on Golf Predictor any time soon!!

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