Monday, 25 August 2008

Major Prediction/Stats Enhancements

We here at Golf Predictor have been toiling hard lately to further improve the site. To that end, we are delighted to announce a great new feature: similar tournament information.

We already track recent form and historical form on the same course and at the same tournament. However, up to now, we have not tracked how golfers performed in similar type events. For example, it's well known that some golfers play well at regular events, but tank under the added pressure of a major. Conversely, there are other players who raise their game when the big tournaments come around. Well, from this week onward (week 41, 2008) on Golf Predictor, you can track those players too. We differentiate between the following types of tournaments:
  1. Regular events
  2. Majors
  3. WGC events
  4. Fedex Cup play-offs
So, come next April, if you want to see who has the best track record in recent majors, you'll be able to find out on Golf Predictor! We track the last 12 events, which corresponds to 3 years of majors and Fedex Cup events, 4 years of WGC events and several months of regular events. All new statistics and 5 new charts (analogous to those available for historical results at the same tournament or on the same course) for these similar events have been added to the system. The new charts are:
  1. Average finishing position of golfer in past 12 similar events
  2. Scoring average of golfer in past 12 similar events
  3. Average round 1 score of golfer in past 12 similar events
  4. Top performers in past 12 similar events
  5. Top first round performers in past 12 similar events
This new golfer performance in similar events has been added to our prediction algorithm. There is also a new page on the Stats Analysis menu called "Sim. Tourn. History" which only lists the tournaments for which these new stats are available.

Older tournaments (those held before this week) will show "n/a" for the similar tournament elements on certain pages. We hope you find these new stats and charts useful and it will be interesting to see how they affect the prediction success.

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