Saturday 30 August 2008

2008 - Top 5 Hardest Courses/Tournaments on the European PGA Tour

Based on the average score in relation to par in the tournaments hosted on them, these were the 5 toughest courses on the European PGA Tour in the 2008 season:
  1. Royal Birkdale (British Open)
  2. Oakland Hills (US PGA)
  3. Pearl Valley (South African Airways Open)
  4. Beijing CBD International (Volvo China Open)
  5. Saint Omer GC (Saint Omer Open)
Granted, the weather played a part in some tournaments (e.g. British Open), but hopefully a useful list all the same. Unsurprisingly, it is top heavy with major tournaments. Interestingly, the 5 hardest courses span 4 continents. European tournaments appear to be slightly harder than their US counterparts, but this could be related to the weather or the purported inferior condition of the courses.

You can get more detailed information by looking at the 'Highest Average Round vs Par' chart on the 'View Options/Tourn. Stats' page (Euro Tour, 2008 Season) in the member section of Golf Predictor. Click on the "Lists" category opposite to see more such lists.

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