Thursday, 17 July 2008

Rather Them Than Me!

Well, we're off and running in The Open and the weather is terrible. I think the forecast suits those who start late today and early tomorrow, so keep that in mind if you're having a flutter. It also suits a golfer from the British Isles who would be more used to these conditions.

Harrington has started and is struggling manfully like everybody else at the moment. I saw a few preview programmes last night and I don't mind admitting that I almost got choked up again seeing him win last year! I also saw again the putt Sergio Garcia barely missed on the final hole in regulation to win it. It's amazing to think that he literally came within an inch of winning.

My list of people that I'd most like to see winning is:
  1. Monty, for obvious reasons.
  2. Sergio, because he came so close last year, is a great player and a nice guy.
  3. Any Irish player, for patriotic reasons.
  4. Any other European player, for confident boosting purposes.
  5. Any worldwide player (excluding the US), because it's good for the game.
  6. Rocco Mediate, because he came so close in the US Open and is a nice guy.
  7. Any other American (they have won enough majors!).

2 comments: said...

What do you mean, "...for patriotic reasons"? Are you Irish, or simply anti-American. I'm a Canadian, but I cheer for Cinderella's and great golfers alike. I love to watch golfers perform shots that I can only dream of doing. Patriotism is NOT a factor for a genuine golfing fan.

Golf Predictor Guru! said...

Thanks for your comment!

Indeed, I am Irish and not anti-American in the slightest. I just meant that it's better for the game if the major wins are spread around.

I'm with you on the cheering of the underdogs etc. (see my post on day 3 of The Open), but I can't believe you wouldn't be cheering even a little harder if Mike Weir was leading coming down the stretch!

Ireland is a small country and we really appreciate our world class sports stars, on the rare occasions that we actually have one! Padraig has been a wonderful ambassador for Ireland and many grown men cried when he won his first Open last year.