Saturday, 12 July 2008

New Tournament Calendar

We are pleased to announce the addition of a tournament calendar to Golf Predictor. This new view provides a more visual interface for browsing the tournaments in the database. It is available by clicking on the "Calendar View" link on the "Tournaments" page ("View Options" menu of the member section). You can return to the Tournaments page at any time by clicking on the main menu link or the "List View" link on the calendar page.

The screen shot above shows almost all of the calendar for this month (July 2008), with all the events on the US PGA and European PGA tours. Each entry includes the tournament icon (flag), the tournament name, tour and day number. You can click on the tournament name to view the complete tournament information. Days from previous/following months are in grey, weekends are light yellow and the current date is highlighted in green. You can navigate directly to a specific month using the month and year drop down lists shown above. Alternatively, go to the previous/next months by clicking the appropriate link on the calendar title bar.

As with our Google Maps, the calendar entries are taken directly from our database, so it only contain tournaments that we have entered into our system. We are constantly adding historical and upcoming events so we hope to have complete calendar in due course.

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