Tuesday, 8 July 2008

New Google Maps Player Results Mapping

We all know that professional golfers are a peripatetic lot; travelling the world to hit a small ball around a field* in exotic locations. While most of us see this as a glamorous lifestyle, those of us that travel a bit know that it gets old very quickly. Only a small percentage of pros can afford to run a private jet. For the rest, life on tour is one hotel room after another, punctuated by delays, layovers and countless hours getting irradiated in a metal tube with wings. And I haven't even mentioned lugging clubs all over the globe and all the times their bags must go missing!

Anyway, you can now get a visual indication of each pro's carbon footprint on Golf Predictor! This is available by clicking on the "Results Map" link on the "Results By Player" page ("View Options" menu of the member section). Like the previous posts (here and here) on new Google Maps features in Golf Predictor, it is available to all, whether you are subscribed or not.

The screen shot above shows most of the locations of all the events played by Retief Goosen thus far on the US PGA and European PGA tours this season (2008). There are a few more tournaments in California and Arizona that are off screen above. Looks like Retief will have to plant a lot of trees! Hovering over our customised markers will display additional tournament/result information. You can use the controls in the top left of the map to move the map and zoom in/out.

As before, the maps plot directly from our database, so they only contain tournaments that we have entered into our system. We are constantly adding historical data so we hope to have complete maps for previous years in due course. Also, the tournament address data can be quite vague (e.g. Shanghai, China), so do not expect accuracy at high zoom levels! We will fix any howlers as they become apparent.

*My mother's basic description of all ball/field sports!

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